Saturday, 26 July 2014

2014 Lab comes to an end....

5th International Kinitiras Choreography Lab 2014
End of Lab Sharing Open Event
25th July 2014, 9.00pm

The 5th International Kinitiras Choreography Lab 2014 drew to an end with the sharing of the on Friday 25th July, 9.00pm.  This 5th edition of our project welcomed international participants who worked together with Greek artists in a creative dialogue that has resulted in a variety of approaches and concerns.    The event was presented  as an open platform hoping to demonstrate the manner in which collaborations were realized, processes intertwined with each other’s yet remained distinct and unique.  The audience was encouraged  to move around the space, position and reposition themselves in different and proximal relationships with the artists and their proposals. The presentations within the event followed this order:

Performers:  Anka Gaceska, Marianna Panourgia, Vicky Angelidou, Maria Sermpou
Space is limited and yet still infinite. What is there in between?
I explored the relationship of the material with the body and the space in between/the space created. The idea of the project is closely connected to a metaphor and the concept of sustainability with breath as its main element:  breath that produces a space, but also begins to be extinguished by the properties of the material:  "How do I negotiate my breath and create a space in between the body and the material? How do I best sustain my space?  How does the reciprocal relationship between body and environment sustained? 

Bathroom Vignettes (1)
An ongoing of spaces and the particular actions that emerge from them through different performative intentions regarding specificity of space and structures.

Cabezidura (Hardheaded)
Sound:  devised by artista
Proyect description: part of “Cristi's Very Serious Dancing Nonsense Series”
I have challenged myself to be lead by a physical material un order to take myself to a specific goal. This material is my drive but it is also my burden. I move only where it leads me to, but I am also the one that moves it, for it can't move itself. That does not mean that I have total control of it, therefore I must also respond the laws of chance that control both of us.CristinaLugo (PR)

My other body
Music: dj shadow building steam with grains of salt.
Look at me. Look at me. Look at me now…What do you feel? …I will dance for you as if you were my other body…I will dance for you as if you were my own body…
What do you feel?We will be confused…we will be exposed…we will change…we will emerge… What do you feel? ...

Bathroom Vignettes (2)
Song live from the shower, M.Pizarro sings 'Dile que por mi no tema' from Celia Cruz y la Sonora Matancera

“Let's go." "We can't." "Why not?" "We're waiting for Godot. (1)
Waiting! What does it mean? My idea has started on the "In between" workshop held by Lynda Birkedal - .I wondered:  Is waiting something that is in between of "doing something" and "doing nothing"? We are usually led by thought that waiting is passive. But, if we consider the presence of expectancy, it is evident that waiting is active, since the person who is waiting is always searching for something to do to make waiting bearable. I found a connection with  Samuel Beckett ‘s "Waiting for Godot". I want to reposition the dialogue between the two characters to the relationship between  me and the audience.

 Flight to the Past
Performers:  Marili Pizarro, Cristina Lugo, Vicky Anagelidou.
Audio: Recorded texts of Mariana Zisi
This work is based on the autobiographical writings of my mother and it deals with love, death and a human being's effort to carry on with her life in company with the void another human being's loss leaves behind. The process took us to investigate the relationship between feeling and kinetic exploration  using imagery linked to kinetic instructions, we experimented with objects as a trigger for movement, as well as to the effect of working across three interconnected ‘sites’.
It was a process influenced by  John Paul Zaccarini’s statement:  "What matters the most? The journey or the result?". Maybe... my answer so far: "The journey mirrors itself in the result... and the result is the mirror of the journey..."

“Let's go." "We can't." "Why not?" "We're waiting for Godot. (2)

Bathroom Vignettes (3)
With Marianna Panourgia, Vicjy Angelidou, Marili Pizarro with Cristina Lugo.

A collaboration in two/ parts
Music by : Klaus Nomi, Cold Song
Spoken text: Greece- A Cry , Eleni Mylona
Research question: how does one bring upon/hold/sustain a space
where creative people could be? (Tasks are constructed for an individual to explore)
Answer: the reflection of an individual's perception can always acquire space, during which they withstand the layering of tasks, brought upon/held/sustained in this space; the creative exploration has the choice to be immersive within itself.

For the Lab:
Pavlos Mavridis:  Lighting & Sound                              
Ana S├ínchez-Colberg:  Producer, Lab mentor

With our thanks to Angeliki, Exarminia, and most important the Kinitiras Studio directors -Vicky, Flora and Antigone- for their unrelenting support of the Lab in these 5 editions!  It has been an amazing journey.  Also thanks to all the contributing artists:  Androniki Marathaki (GR), Robert Clark (UK), Linda Birkedal (N), John Paul Zaccarini (SE). Michael Klien (Austria) for their contribution to the process of this year’s lab. 

The 5th International Kinitiras Choreography Lab has received support from: